Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Watercolor Toile

Totally addicted to watercoloring with Reinkers. I started stamping some mini cards for a friend of mine who had purchased some stamps awhile back. I used the Bella Toile, and had some extra pieces to use up to make her a card. So.....I have been spending any free time I get with Stampin' Up!'s watercolor paper and Stazon making up pictures/cards to watercolor. Once you drip some precious drops of reinker in your inkpad lid, and juice up that Aquapainter-all that color lust(like wanderlust, except for color) just overcomes you and-you paint every piece of paper anywhere near your reach.

I caught up on all the LOST episodes I missed while in Cali visiting my sis-in-law/downline and painted all night for several nights. If you are a friend or customer of mine you will probably get something watercolored. If I know you or consider you an acquaintance, I may give you a handpainted picture. If I pass you in the street, I may just tell you how the sunset looks like it has been watercolored, and invite you over to stamp and watercolor with me. Watch out people-I have a new obsession! If I stare blankly at you while you are talking it is probably because I am thinking about watercoloring your sweater. If I stutter when you invite me to coffe(which is my first love that I'll never get over) it is because I am probably imagining if I could color you what colors you would be.......etc. By the way, I am most definitely a Cameo Coral melting into Tempting Turquoise with lots of white area, and some black defining the edges. Yes, I have painted myself. I will happily paint you if you are interested..Back to my post. I was making this card for my friend who is definitely a Black Toile if I have ever met one. Then I started to watercolor in some Riding Hood Red-which is exactly the color of her lipstick, and other things she really likes-like her phone and Pottery Barn $50.oo napkins or whatever. Yes, this is what I like about her. A little Kiwi Kiss for that perfect balance, some very regal River Rock, a Regal Rose here and there for good measure-and some Pink Pirouette just to show I made it-and voila! I love the way it turned out-it looks like her as a card. A little bling, very neat polished sides, a lovely tapestry.

I should do this more often. Very cathartic. I wonder what my DH would be. He's Italian, so- lots of black there also, Rough around the edges, very manly. No frou-frou at all. Metro he is not! Yet, he never gets his hands dirty-and he's incredibly snobbish(in a good way?), so smooth and solid images, like Organic Outlines. I would paint him in Kiwi Kiss, Blue Bayou, Going Gray, and almost no white. He is dark and lovely and I could draw his face from memory. It is my favorite face.

Anyhow, this watercolor/painting thing really brings the poet back out in me. I may just share some of that next post. Thank you for looking. I love your comments!! Come back anytime. Oh yeah, one of my new favorites also is Heat and Stick powder-which I used on the sentiment and then added the Black Glitter!!! It is so beautiful in person. Love that stuff.


Beverly aka beestamper said...

What a beautiful post Gaylyn..
Gorgeous card.. I didn't know how much you love to watercolor..me too. Hey.. the link is now working.. hooray!
Thanks for the charm.. I'm gonna post today about our fabulous swap and the fun charm you made. Your are one of the sweetest people I know! HUGS!

Kari said...

Oh my Gaylyn!!! I love your card!!! It is sooooo gorgeous!!! Love the other one with the peonies (sp?) too! Miss you lots!!! I would love to get together and paint again! :O) Love your post too!! :O) I want to call you soon! Got lots to talk about!!! :O)

Mary said...

Hi I see that I was a blog candy winner and don't understand what I need to do to get it. Please help?
email me: jmcc4dk@aol (dot) com

Candace said...

Ahh Gaylyn, this post makes me want to read more from that genius mind of yours!! And I want you to paint me!!! Seriously, how fun. Love the card, I know Amanda will/does love it!

Georgia said...

Oh my gosh Gaylyn this is soooo YOU...love to read your ramblings...love the card...and want to watercolor too...you just inspired ME!!! Oh...please color me...I love love the way you colored Matt...what color would dad be??