Friday, August 29, 2008

Somebody loves me!

Or at least they love my blog.
Good enough.
I'd like to thank-God first of all, that He helped me get through the past few months when blogging had to come last. It was quality over quantity folks!

I'd also like to thank my husband who couldn't be here tonight as he's helping putting the kids to bed so I could be here to accept this-and also for buying me this dress for this special occasion.
My mom, my friends, my fellow bloggers, my audience-and last but certainly not least-the wonderful lady who gave me this award-Kari.

She makes fantastic cards, (and chicken) and somehow finds more time than me to keep me up to speed on all things web. Thank you Kari! Party at my house!!!!

I am passing this award ( and crown, which wasn't before mentioned) to some of my favorite blogs-those above being at the top of that list;

The Good Life
(newly discovered)
Butternut Sage
(fellow SU demo, and from what I can tell- a great person)
Understand Blue
(a little unorthodox, and more sarcastic than my Italian husband)
Laughing Daisies
(personal stamping friend-great blogger! Wink)

So-that ought to keep ya busy for the next few hours...... Have a great night!

Honorary photo-my new Big Shot samples!!!!!
Aren't these die-cuts adorable!!! I can make them any color I want. Yum.

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