Monday, August 4, 2008

Baby Shower Gift

This was a gift I made for a friend just before I went into labor-all materials SU! except for glassine bag, and Hybrid Inks. I was fresh out of Craft Ink ya'll! (First time in my California girl existence I ever used that Virginian expression! Scary) Anyway, I needed the ink to stick and only had my STaz On, which I also used. Just look at how cute it all turned out. Of course, the Craft inks would have been darker/brighter, but the photos are really light too. Hey, she's lucky my babies' onesies are still plain! Hahahahaha Oh well. I made him too-and just loook how perfect he turned out. That's my happy Father-in-Law in the picture. Haven't uploaded any other pics yet. There were 2,000 to search through! Anyway, there's a simple card, a little scrapbook and a canvas "stuff" bag it was all in. Hope you like it! Sorry to have been out so long, but I'm back. Now, how to juggle 4 kids and stamp somewhere between feedings, etc. This is why I am posting at 2 am!


Kari said...

It is all just amazing!!! You are so talented!!! I love each and every picture!!!

Richelle said...

What a wonderful gift bag and all the goodies in it! And is that your new addition? Adorable!!